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[13 Dec 2006|09:06pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I hate, hate, hate that all of my shows stop around Christmas. No House until January 9. No Bones until January 24. So not fair! XP

In other news...I bought myself the Ch33r b0t mug from Megagear. 

My life is so uneventful. *laughs*

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Voice Post [03 Dec 2006|08:34pm]
905K 4:17
(no transcription available)
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[30 Nov 2006|08:11pm]
Neil Gaiman is quite the crazy author. I'm finding I like him the more I read him, even if this book is a few miles past the screwed in the head line. He writes like nobody I've ever read before, but it works for him. I'm reading American Gods. It's set in modern day with all the ancient gods. Like from Egypt and Greece and whatnot. All those old gods that the ancient cultures worshipped. And they're fighting against the gods of the modern age. The gods of the modern age I've encountered so far in the book are technology and TV. (And, didja know, Jacquel and Ibis run a funeral home. Fancy that, eh?) It is ten times to the twisted and I really don't know that I'd reccommend it to anyone, but now that I've started reading it, it's captured me and I can't stop. It's not a very...nice...book. But what can you do with ancient immoral gods? *shrugs*

Also, my sister is being a nasty poo-face again. I won't talk about it, or it'll make me angry.

I don't know what to get my family this year for Christmas. I'm not all that excited about looking either. I always feel like my presents are inadequate, and who would want to shop for a sibling that only likes you when you give her stuff? I'm not wasting my money on a bought friendship. I work too hard for my cash thanks.

Anyway, I'm off to read more of my book.
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[21 Nov 2006|11:40pm]
House tonight was amazing.

CutCollapse )

So I've thought about it, and I miss my LJ, so I'm going to try and update more often. My Xanga is suffering from over use.

Conversation with my mom:

Mom: I have tongs. In my basket. In my Longerberger basket. On my counter by the stove. On the side with the long cabinets.
Me: *laughs* In my kitchen. In my house. On my street.
Mom: *laughs* F you.
Me: *ROFL!*
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[15 Nov 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I've been on an FMA kick today. I'll consider it a good thing. ^_^ Watched episode 13, which is always made of awesome.

I'm thinking of wearing my MSR jacket out and about tomorrow. As long as it isn't raining. Tomorrow is going to be a sucky day. I'm going to need something to look forward to.

Going to Anime USA this weekend. It's going to be fun fun. (*squee!* Feury is too cute for words!) Having lunch with the WTA and Caitlin Glass. That should be awesome. The Otakon meetup was. Yay for meetups with fangroups! Anime Detour is going to be amazing.

*tackleglomps Roy* Smexy!

We almost got a kitten tonight. She was a stray. Our neighbors found her, but they can't keep her. They're allergic. They know we have a cat, so they brought her down to us. She was adorable. She was still little, but old enough to not be a kitten kitten. She was so sweet. Didn't fuss the entire time I held her. Dad said no. Then he was about to say yes, so he called my sister, but my mom and I knew it would be hell if he said yes because he gets pissy about my cat already all the time. So we told him no, we couldn't take the kitten, that my cat would have a fit if we did. We handed her back to our neighbors. They're taking her to the SPCA tomorrow, not the humane society, so that's a little bit of a reassurance. She's really good, so hopefully she'll get adopted.

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[09 Nov 2006|03:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

What I really really want to do right now is download all Ouran and watch it. I don't want to type the 4,000 words it will take to catch up on my fanfic novelly thing. Even if I'm loving writing it.

See, I've never actually finished a story I've set out to write, be it fanfic or otherwise. So I'm thinking NaNo this year is just going to be about me finishing a fanfic. I don't really care if it's original or not. *laughs*

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[08 Nov 2006|05:34pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

If my father doesn't freaking leave me alone tonight, I'm going to go ballistic. I'm trying to write, dammit! >.<

Ballistic. *gets headphones and hopes to be able to ignore*

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[02 Nov 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

*cries* I'm having trouble getting to my word count already and it's only the second day! *laughs* I keep getting distracted too. I'm watching Deal or No Deal. Oh! And my muse wheedled his way into my novel already. The bum. I knew he would, I just didn't think it would be this soon. The bastard plays a good demon and that's what he's in there for. Who knows if he'll behave or not. I don't think he will. Oh well! As long as I reach my word count.

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[31 Oct 2006|02:17am]
[ mood | angry ]

*wants to throw things but won't because that would make me as childish as the rest of my irritating family*

jap;ifopmvoaifskjfv;lskmporiewsaogfjmlskvmlfdks!!! graaar

I love my family, I really do, but damn if they don't piss me off sometimes.

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[27 Oct 2006|09:42pm]
I think Livejournal is just about the only place that can completely destroy my faith in humanity and then fully restore it with the snark of brilliant people all in one page.
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Rest in peace [21 Aug 2006|01:12am]
[ mood | sad ]

My Mom-mom died yesterday. Around 11:30 or so at night.

She had cancer around her heart and lungs. We knew three weeks ago there wasn't much time left. She was able to go home at one point, and spent a couple weeks there. That was where she wanted to be. Friday afternoon she told Dad to go on vacation, regardless of what was happening. She said he deserved it. So we left Friday night for Ocean City. She told the others not to tell Dad anything so he wouldn't come home early. Crazy, funny lady. Yesterday morning we came home to see her, because she was doing a lot worse. As soon as Dad walked it, she looked at him and said, "I told them not to tell you." *shakes head and smiles wryly*

Well, we ended up coming back down to the ocean around eight at night. Got here around eleven, got the call not long after. Dad went out for a walk around midnight. I'm worried about him.

Pray, guys, please. I'm afraid that the worst has only just begun.

I think for this, I'm going to hang on to Caitlin's life verse.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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What happens down in Baltimore... [08 Aug 2006|08:57pm]
Otakon was freaking sweet, dudes.

Oh the activitiesCollapse )

Got my MSR uniform. The jacket and butt cape are amazing. There is, however, one glaringly large problem. The skirt is not a skirt, nor is it, by any stretch of the imagination mini. It wraps around, but not entirely, leaving a slit up to my hip. *raises eyebrow* Um, I'd prefer not to flash people, plzkthnx. As the MINISKIRT Rangers, you'd think the mini part would be okay. They'd understand and make it accordingly. Nope. Wrap-around thing goes straight down to my knees. The slit thing can be fixed by buying spandex. Not a big deal. But um, hello? MINIskirt. Mini. Little. Small. Tiny. Ed-sized. Various other synonyms. So I'm going to have to get it hemmed halfway to China. (Or halfway up my leg, whichever it reaches first.) Which means I have to figure out how to get the gold trim back around the bottom, cuz that part is importand too. But woot for an awesome jacket and butt cape. When it's actually all correct, I'll figure out how the dumb picture thing works on here and post pictures. Not that anyone will care but me, but hey!

*tosses money to the economy* Just gimme stuff!Collapse )
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FMA fic [24 Jul 2006|05:10pm]
This drabble bunny bit me today at work for some reason. Luckily I had a break shortly after and got to write it down.

Before DestructionCollapse )
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[21 Jul 2006|05:42pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I haven't updated in ages.

I'm going to the carnival tonight with my chruch friends. That should be fun. Inviting Max. Doubtful he'll go, but it's worth a shot. He still won't go to church with me. *sighs*

I'm still waiting for all of my stuff to get here in the mail. General Melly had an excuse for my dog tags, so that's okay and I'm not expecting my MSR uniform until next week or the week after that. But my pants! Those were suppposed to be here two weeks ago. *sniffles* I may have to get off my butt and e-mail Jacqui. I hate doing that.

My new job is kinda cool. A little boring, but tedious. I like tedious. I can let my mind wander and still be good to go.

Toonami Jetstream is playing Prince of Tennis. Half of me is happy, half is not. I'm not fond of Viz's dubbing. I prefer ADV or Funi. The first episode was okay. Again, not fond of the voices, but I like the anime in general. I have to catch up on the manga. I'm about four volumes behind, I think.

Speaking of manga. Tsubasa 10 comes out next week. I saw it in the packaging line. It's pretty. It mocked me, knowing I wanted it but could not have it. Otakon's in two weeks, though. Yay Otakon!

For some reason, I'm feeling a tad bit frustrated. Hope it goes away. But I get to use my spiffy twins avatar. Credit is where it belongs, since I didn't make it. I have no skillz in the ways of graphics. So far, the only thing I think I have skillz in is rambling.

*shrugs* Eh. I'm off to peruse my clothing to see if I have anything worth wearing tonight. I should wear my MSA uniform, just for laughs. My friends would have a heart attack.

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[01 Jul 2006|03:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Sooooo booooored! I'm supposed to be helping Jen move today, but she keeps not calling me to do it. I absolutely have to go to my Bible study group tonight. It's Ashley's birthday and we're doing a surprise party thing and I have the decorations. Plus I'm getting Fullmetal Alchemist back from Lydia. Finally. (I view that as a consolation I don't have my Gundam Wing pants yet. *sighs* I hate waiting. *wants to poke Jacqui really really badly but won't*

I went to the bookstore and showed off my l33t knowledge of their store by knowing their stock better than they do. When I don't even work there. Hooray for going there at least once a day. They need to hire me there. They need a manga dork. They've only got old ladies who know nothing, but are, admittedly, very helpful. Props to the old lady who got Bleach 13 and Megatokyo 4 from the back for me today. *coughafterIpointedouttheyweresupposedtobetherecough*

I know it's bad when I can swear I can hear my third FMA metal box calling me from almost an hour away. I would have gone and gotten it, but I have no idea how to get to Columbia mall. I can hear it. It calls me. Begs me to come and rescue it from the horror that is a retail store to the safety of my anime bookshelf.

On the bookshelf note, I have five full shelves full of anime and manga...and I can't even fit all I own onto it. That makes me very proud in a twisted kind of sense.

I got both Katsucons done for my scrap book. I've got a couple more things to photograph, then I can start on Otakon 04 and 05 and MTAC. I'm excited. Oh! And Monica Rial is coming to Otakon this year. Heck yes! I can get her to sign my Towa DNAngel cover and get her to sign my scrapbook too. So I'll have just the ladies signing my scrapbook. I totally should have worked on Caitlin's present today too....*sigh*

I'm going now.

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[27 Jun 2006|11:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I haven't updated in a couple days...I update my Xanga already today, so here I am...


I've been talking to Miss Helen (Caitlin Glass' mom) for the past couple days. She's pretty cool. Caitlin's lucky to have a momma like her.

Work on Caitlin's present is going good. I got the base paint on it and got Mokona, a butterfly, and a star design thing on it. I've gotta put the other Mokona, one of Sakura's feathers, Winry, and Hiyono on it. I have no idea how I'm going to get Winry and Hiyono on it. They're most definitely not as simple as Mokona. Oh, and I've gotta put Caitlin's life verse on it. Jer. 29:11 Good verse.

Going to the aquarium tomorrow! Yay! Taking my "sister" out for breakfast tomorrow before we go too. More yay! It's going to just be a good day all around.

I've got a second interview for a new job. Pays me almost two dollars more than Starbucks does. It's rather nice. And it's packing books at Random House, where you get a book discount, plus getting things before anyone else. How can getting manga in advance be bad? XD

Going down to Columbia on Saturday I think to pick up my last FMA box. *dances* It's such a cool box too. I saw it in FYE today. If I weren't able to get it for like, fifteen dollars less at Suncoast, I would have bought it today. But with my recent concern for money and the desire to move out I figure fifteen dollars is worth the drive, especially since Carolyn will be doing the driving. heehee I am so devious. Dastardly even.

Laura needs to call me! Grah...I need to know if she's going tomorrow. The problem is, is I don't know when she gets home from camp. I thougth she got home tonight, but apparently not. 'Course, at the rate I'm going, I'll be awake until tomorrow anyway. I'm not tired. I hate sleeping when I'm not tired. It's a waste of my time. *shakes fist*

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Thinking space [20 Jun 2006|09:53pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I'm going to attempt to lj-cut this. I've never done one before, but I don't want to take up a whole mess of space on the like, five communities I'm a member of. -.-;;

Work this time please.Collapse )

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Ah, work drama... [14 Jun 2006|04:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

How I love it.

So, Monday night I said to Lindsey and Sherri that they couldn't trust a word that comes out of Brian's mouth. Which is the truth, for I attempt to speak only in it. He comes up to me today and says, "I heard that you said people couldn't trust a word that comes out of my mouth. That's a very rude thing for you to say. I haven't even done anything to you yet."

"Yet being the operative word there, I'm sure. It was just an observation on a person."

"Well, I observed that your lip needs to be waxed, but I don't go broadcasting that to the world."

"That's your observation. Congratulations. Do you want a cookie?"

I then proceeded to leave. All in all, this would not have been so bad. But there is only one way he could have found out about this. From Lindsey and/or Sherri. My money was on Lindsey. So I went home, got out of my work clothes, and went with my sister back up to Safeway. I proceed to have words with Lindsey.

"By the way, Lindsey, thanks a million for telling Brian what I said. It really made me day." Note: There were no other customers around. I did not raise my voice or say anything offensive. I walk to the other side of the counter to pick up my sister's drink.

"You know what, Heather, you can kiss my fucking ass. It wasn't just me; it was Sherri too!"

"So you can tell Sherri I said the same thing."

"I'm telling Paul and Carolyn about this. You won't get that lead position now."

"You know what, you dumb blonde-" my sister proceeded to break in. Also note: She's proud of me. These are times when I love my sister. She likes me more when I'm a brat. XD

Ryan told us to get out while Lindsey kept rambling on about how I wasn't going to get the lead position now that I brought this up in front of everyone. (See previous note about how there were no customers and I was out of uniform and off the clock.)

I told Lindsey congratulations again and walked out the door. It took great restraint not to tell Ryan he could keep the damn drink when he threatened to not give it to us. *rolls eyes* Like that would have been some sort of punishment.

So my life has taken a turn for the more interesting today. Hooray.

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[09 Jun 2006|11:55pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So my parents aren't home yet...I'm all for them going out and having a good time and all. It's very cool for them to do that. But I have to go to work at 4:00 in the morning tomorrow. I know when they come home, regardless of whether I'm sleeping or not, Dad will come in my room and say goodnight, which totally wakes me up. I can't afford to lose any sleep I get because it isn't much to begin with.

Now, if they would just come home, leave me alone, and go to bed quietly, I would have no promblem at all with them being out until the butt crack of dawn. Okay, so I'd have a small problem, but whatever. They're the parents. I'm the child.

In other news, my shoulders are totally sunburned after walking around outside for four hours for my new job. I even told myself to remember sunscreen. And hey, I didn't. Way to go me.

I'm gonna check out this phone post thing tomorrow. For now, I'm going play a little more Kingdom Hearts and attempt to go to bed. I've always got my Endless Waltz failsafe, if everything else goes wrong.

Oh, and I've decided I want to get my picture taken in a certain city. So when I show people, I have the opportunity to say "Here's me in Hell."

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[09 Jun 2006|12:58am]
[ mood | happy ]

I upgraded my account. Don't know why. *laughs* But, hey, now maybe I can make it look a little spiffier...If I can figure out what the crap I'm doing.

Anyway, I have to sleep. I have to work both jobs tomorrow. Here's to hoping my Nano doesn't run out of battery while I'm wandering around a foreign neighborhood tomorrow. If it does, I'll have to resort to entertaining myself, which is always a scary thing.

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