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Ah, work drama...

How I love it.

So, Monday night I said to Lindsey and Sherri that they couldn't trust a word that comes out of Brian's mouth. Which is the truth, for I attempt to speak only in it. He comes up to me today and says, "I heard that you said people couldn't trust a word that comes out of my mouth. That's a very rude thing for you to say. I haven't even done anything to you yet."

"Yet being the operative word there, I'm sure. It was just an observation on a person."

"Well, I observed that your lip needs to be waxed, but I don't go broadcasting that to the world."

"That's your observation. Congratulations. Do you want a cookie?"

I then proceeded to leave. All in all, this would not have been so bad. But there is only one way he could have found out about this. From Lindsey and/or Sherri. My money was on Lindsey. So I went home, got out of my work clothes, and went with my sister back up to Safeway. I proceed to have words with Lindsey.

"By the way, Lindsey, thanks a million for telling Brian what I said. It really made me day." Note: There were no other customers around. I did not raise my voice or say anything offensive. I walk to the other side of the counter to pick up my sister's drink.

"You know what, Heather, you can kiss my fucking ass. It wasn't just me; it was Sherri too!"

"So you can tell Sherri I said the same thing."

"I'm telling Paul and Carolyn about this. You won't get that lead position now."

"You know what, you dumb blonde-" my sister proceeded to break in. Also note: She's proud of me. These are times when I love my sister. She likes me more when I'm a brat. XD

Ryan told us to get out while Lindsey kept rambling on about how I wasn't going to get the lead position now that I brought this up in front of everyone. (See previous note about how there were no customers and I was out of uniform and off the clock.)

I told Lindsey congratulations again and walked out the door. It took great restraint not to tell Ryan he could keep the damn drink when he threatened to not give it to us. *rolls eyes* Like that would have been some sort of punishment.

So my life has taken a turn for the more interesting today. Hooray.
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