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What happens down in Baltimore...

Otakon was freaking sweet, dudes.

-went to The Cheesecake Factory with the WTA and the FMA Harem. Met some totally cool peoples. Got me a free WTA bracelet. (Like one of those Livestrong bracelets, ya know? Oh, yeah, gave Caitlin her present. She liked.
-bought some stuff
-met up with Jacqui and got my pants. The pants are gorgeous. I couldn't have asked for better. Jacqui herself was also amazing. I knew that already, but she reconfirmed it. Her Rukia cosplay was awesome. I got a pic of her and her friends. (Friends were Orohime and...OMG I forgot his name...Uryu. Yay for handy manga.)
-hung out with Kim and Rene and won free stuff at the Furuba Card thing
-SAW SHAMBALA!!! OMG THAT MOVIE IS SOFREAKINGAMAZING! And totally deserving of caps lock too. I fangirl-ed the whole movie. So I was chilling, waiting for Shambala to start, starting up a conversation with the girl beside me about the next point down there. \/ We started talking about the fangroups, RR and MSA. I said something about being in both and the MSR. Imagine my surprise when it turns out I'm sitting beside Tifa of the MSR. We had vaguely known each other was going to be there, but hadn't really planned on meeting. It was pretty spiffy.
-before Shambala, they showed DBZ:Wrath of the Dragon. You'd think I would not note this, as you'd think it would suck. Well, you're right. It sucked. But it had the best. subtitle. ever. In Japanese, all the characters have girly voices. So picture big, burly Goku with a high pitched voice yammering at you and the subtitle comes up "We need balls!" XDDD

-....all three days run together...what did I do on Saturday...
-I gave Mike McFarland a Havoc pencil board. He'd asked me to keep an eye out for one when I went to get his autograph. So I looked, bought it, and gave it. He asked how much, I told him no. He gave me a hug. The man gives amazing hugs. It was all I could do to walk away before fangirl-ing again.
-bought more stuff
-went to a crap-tastic VA panel. Not cuz the VAs weren't awesome. People get retarded and ask the same questions EVERY PANEL. Caitlin tried to pre-empt the questions, but people asked the same question with different words. NO! The craptastic-VA panel was Friday. The craptastic panel of Saturday was a fan-run FMA panel. Suckish. If I'd wanted to hear you talk about how much you know and how you'd been in to it since before it was licensed, I might have asked.
-went to some Inuyasha CCG thing with Kim and Rene. Met Sandy and Paul and got free stuff. Paul gave me shiny Sesshou cards in exchange for the promo cards I got. I didn't really care about the promo cards, since I don't play. I just like Sesshou and shiny things. Both together made me a very happy Heather.
-went to an amazing VA panel. No body asked the crappy questions because it was an uncut panel and the VAs were aloud to talk about whatever they wanted. And all that that implies. The downside of this panel was a fat, ugly, smelly fanboy sitting beside me. That's not very nice is it...*shrugs*
-watched Loveless before the VA panel. Beautiful art. Beautiful boys. Story line...WTF? If some one could explain what was going on, I'd be totally grateful. As it stands, I was happy to be watching the smexy boys.

-went to Caitlin's worship service. That was...great. You never know where you're going to find what you need, but, honestly, Otakon was one of the last places I'd have expected it. Jacqui was there, so I got to sit with and see her again.
-spent almost all of the rest of my money. After getting pissed off at the staffers. Okay, at pre-reg, Zack and I were very frightened. Why? Because they were being efficient. This seems like a good thing, ne? Not for Otakon. Otakon is never efficient. They are so totally inefficient it isn't funny. But Thursday and Friday they were being efficient. We weren't sure how to take this. Sunday, they regained their inefficient reputation. They closed the dealer's room line. How do you close the dealer's room line? We were two feet away from the line, forming another line, to wait to get into the dealer's room line, while the staff hung around like retards telling people to come back later. Heck with that. I waited two feet away from the line and got in the end of the first line when they let us through. Point = absolutely none.

So that's a brief run-down of the weekend. There's probably more, but my brain is totally not in the right place right now for recalling details. I keep typing completely the wrong words anyway, with spelling errors galore. It's a good thing I'm such a spelling Nazi and going back and fixing it as I go or ya'll'd have a time figuring out just what I was trying to say.

Got my MSR uniform. The jacket and butt cape are amazing. There is, however, one glaringly large problem. The skirt is not a skirt, nor is it, by any stretch of the imagination mini. It wraps around, but not entirely, leaving a slit up to my hip. *raises eyebrow* Um, I'd prefer not to flash people, plzkthnx. As the MINISKIRT Rangers, you'd think the mini part would be okay. They'd understand and make it accordingly. Nope. Wrap-around thing goes straight down to my knees. The slit thing can be fixed by buying spandex. Not a big deal. But um, hello? MINIskirt. Mini. Little. Small. Tiny. Ed-sized. Various other synonyms. So I'm going to have to get it hemmed halfway to China. (Or halfway up my leg, whichever it reaches first.) Which means I have to figure out how to get the gold trim back around the bottom, cuz that part is importand too. But woot for an awesome jacket and butt cape. When it's actually all correct, I'll figure out how the dumb picture thing works on here and post pictures. Not that anyone will care but me, but hey!

Iventory of stuff bought:
-Full Metal Panic thinpack
-CardCaptor Sakura thinpack
-Fai D. Flowright and Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru charms for my necklace
-pencil boards of : Roy, Heero (2), Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, the whole Host Club, Yukito and Touya in their TRC clothes, Sakura and Syaoron TRC style, Fai and Kurogane
-picture of the Mustang-tachi (*squee!* Mustang-tachi!)
-pic of Sakura, Yue, and Keroberos
-artist alley buys: shirtless!Roy, Sesshou and Rin, Ed, Amror Al with shadow of intheflesh Al
-Deathscythe, Heavyarms, and Shenlong models to further my quest of owning all the Gundams to complete my Gundam Wing collection.
-Gundam Wing manga...apparently their story line runs a tad different than the show, which only means that I shall have to buy them all at a later date..mwahaha
-two little Mokona plushies (black and white)
-an I <3 catboys badge...cuz catboys are kawaii
-pins: Momiji in rabbit form, the Mabudachi trio, Sakura, Syaoron, Fai, Kurogane, Takute Meroko and Mitsuki, Ritsuka, Host Club, Dark and Daisuke
-pins to be turned into charms a la Zakuro: Jean Havoc and Maes Hughes
-manga: Fruits Basket 14, Bleach 14
-FMA vol. 11
-half of Last Exile for Zack for his b-day/Christmas
-Rei figurine for Jason for his b-day/Christmas
-Roy and Ed patches for my bags.
-pics of Yuki, Watanuki, and Domeki

And that's all I recall for now. How much did all of that cost me you ask? $540. Pretty good haul, don't ya think? ^_^
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